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Responding to AnCap Attacks on Solidarity

On a FB political forum, a resident conservatroll and AnCap (anarcho-capitalist) attacked myself and other union organizers:

  • Stay an employee too weak to take risks, I’m sure that will lead to prosperity. Pathetic how people try to focus on a group because as an individual they aren’t enough. U need help because u, like your ideology requires weakness to feel important
    Where to begin.
  • People beaten down in their professional lives, blue or white collar, came to SEA/SEIU in droves after years of trying to negotiate as individuals. They were not able to make a dent.How do I know this?I was one of those people until July 2010.

    I help because I was one of the professional working poor and I never want another person or family to suffer like we did at the hands of the oligarchs you empower when you ignore the facts: they are organized, empowered, and well fortified (money, lobbyists, legislators, administrators doing the bidding of a state that would rather shoot itself in the budgetary foot than grow through revenue, sustainable programming, industry/academic partnerships, etc.)

    Next: “pathetic how people try to focus on the group” –this is all socialist baiting that only deserves silence. It is an expression of FULL individuality and humanity to work together with others caught in the same situation. it is not weakness to embrace affinity over the kind of class denial your approach advocates.

    Last: you obviously haven’t been following my posts close enough. I am myself and encourage others to become entrepreneurs in their respective lives and professions. But, bureaucrats and bad businessmen and women run, in my case, the vast majority of higher education institutions. They take risks like investing endowments and employee pensions with houses that gladly roll the bones at Casino Capitalism.

    They reject the nonprofit wisdom of supporting programming that does not have a “market value,” fields of study like Classics and Modern Philosophy and Chinese Poetry that infuse undergraduate and graduate programming with the needed traditions and successes that reach beyond the present conditions. The real risk taking here would be for the administrators and bureaucrats to follow the lead of their extremely successful and dedicated faculty.
  • Pathetic-ness is measured by one’s inability to stand on his or her own two feet; you are correct. But as I learned from years of rugby and lacrosse, it’s only the best teams that can encourage individual excellence and collective genius. Oftentimes, standing together, lifting each other up when we’re hit hard (cold cocked), or reflecting and planning as a team far exceeds the singular genius of any individual athlete.

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