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Let’s Break it Down Now

A petition is going around (above); some of the stories, like those found on THE ADJUNCT PROJECT, are nauseating:

//I’m an adjunct. I work very hard, teach at 4-5 universities just to make a subsistence living and my students love me. A fair wage, benefits and yearly contracts would make our lives easier. I love teaching- but I’m not sure I can continue working more classroom hours than any tenured professor, for 1/4 the pay.//

How is this not a clear labor violation?

Because of the “at will” and “contingent” status of Adjuncts.

Why are enthusiastic, talented leaders treated like this?

Because of the “at will” and “contingent” status of Adjuncts.

What justifies such low wages?

“At will” and “contingent” status.

How are empathetic, long-term relationships broken (faculty-to-faculty, faculty-to-student)?

“At will” and “contingent” status.

What kind of worker cannot pay his or her bills despite professional credentials and years of success?

A migrant intellectual

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