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May Actions: Adjuncts Rise Up!

from “100 word Flash Tales” on Adjunct Project:

Let’s strategize:

a) Encoded messages of emancipation left on backboards/whiteboards, left in file folders, put on people’s desks.

Who wants to head this affinity group? How to coordinate? How to create swarming opportunities on twitter and facebook pages at the most offending colleges and universities? Do we identify twenty? Thirty? Focus on one? Swarming works best, I’ve found, with a single clearly identified target engaged from a multiplicity of angles.

b) Nation-wide sessional dues (10 dollars a year) to pay for a labor lawyer

A national adjunct union? SEA/SEIU may be interested but they tend to work state by state in my experience. Create new non-profit? If so, who will head it? What will the organizational structure look like? How to do on a shoestring budget?

c) Sessional journals in which only issues related to sessional instructors would be accepted. This would allow sessionals to do work that help in their emancipation (eg. research on labour laws, classoom treatment, being the new working class, the security of work, etc)

I would begin with alliances with “tenured radicals” at the leading journals in a variety of fields; look for “Special Edition” opportunities on digitial and print media. Pedagogy journals tend to “shy away” from “political” as one over-privileged administrative piece of trash said over and over and over again to a small group of the “radicals” gathered at the Association of American Colleges and Universities. (There are some great collaborators on the boards and running committees at AACU)

d) Sesssional conferences which would be funded by the government to promote “alternative ideas” to the established institution (Don’t worry. A capitalist country always loves a competitor)

I would suggest LiveStream and other tools to decentralize yet gather people together. We’re planning a conference-like event in VT on Saturday May 5th between 2-5pm or longer.

What would you all suggest as 20 minute talking points (not papers, not even presentations but talking points that can drive the conversation and fuel a virtual series of side bars that can be gathered together on Google docs).

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Dean of Academics Lebanon College Philosophy and Integrated Liberal Arts Writer & Producer (theatre, television, film) Composer & Producer RCB lives in the Upper Valley with his wife and four boys.

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