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Response to Alex Kudera on FoxNews Doubts

Fight for your long day

Please review the links before reading my comments below: published on Google+ and sent by way of email.


Thanks for taking time to explore this problem. I’m really flattered and, of course, excited to discuss this terrible crisis with as many people as possible.

I am not 100% on any of this; some days I wonder about my own sanity for even starting the blog in September of 2011 when all hell broke loose for me and my family. Moreover, I’m certainly not 100% even bringing Fox into my life for a day — with great restrictions, mind you. A week of negotiations. Some simple; some complicated. But, as of this writing, Chris Wallace, his crew, and Bret Baier’s staff have been professional, hard hitting, accommodating, and honest re: the purpose of the story and the “real news” that I, and you, and so many others, are trying to report. (No, I don’t believe them.)

This began as an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” moment; but it’s already flourishing into an “affinity” moment where a news organization traditionally known for blindly defending corporate and oligarchic expansion of power in the United States has decided to continue a conversation started last Spring — for many years, silently, with little to no attention and maximum suffering my entire teaching career: graduate school, fellowship, ABD, adjunct, visiting (1996-2011).

Would you please start a google document where we can share resources? I also do not want this to turn onto a print versus social media battle. I too am concerned that main stream media outlets are behaving like a lazy student taking the Cliff Notes approach rather than engaging (at length, with attention to detail) in journalistic storytelling or at least open, un(der)mediated magazine profiles. Given how media works these days, feel free to list your work at the bottom of your posts in a signature format. I’m sure you will.

Maybe we can link the Google document to the Occupy library. I am quite certain they would gladly include any resources, including your own, that will help deepen this conversation beyond FoxNews, Migrant Intellectual, Chronicle of Higher Education, your work, Adjunct Project. And so forth.

Regarding the “extreme rhetoric” worries you and I both share . . .

I have added a note (see below) to the piece where you focus your concerns re: the master-slave rhetoric. This choice I made remains as much a Hegelian critique as it is an invocation of the deplorable violence which relates to this crisis. Though, I do share your concerns. In a post-colonial way, a “strategic essentialism,” I believe this will increase everyone’s ability to hive and openly speak to this problem, even if it’s in vehement disagreement with me.

For the record: the thinking that sustained a particular kind of plantation capitalism lives and breathes, growls and grows hungrier by the day as long as we remain scattered, unfocused, and, in many cases, silent about the depth of this crisis.

I spent four months in retreat thinking about how to raise awareness better than I had been directly (union drive/win in NH with colleagues and SEA/SEIU), electronically (Adjunct Project and Migrant Intellectual blog), and in print (forthcoming book REQUIEM AND RESTITUTION: PHILOSOPHY, EDUCATION, ACTIVISM). The day I literally decide to move on from marketing the problem, after a long swim and long walk, I returned to my house to find three emails from Fox News Special Report w/ Bret Baier.

They sought me; I spent a week vetting them on the phone and email. It was a fruitful exchange, very similar to my interviews with Chronicle. I fear, of course, they will simply spin spin spin this into oblivion. But, since I talk about oblivion and abyss in the piece, that might be an okay way to break the cycle of silence and sensationalism.

**revision 12/12/12 — the Anonymous Administrator is a trope I use to bring together three equally damaging people and offices that continue to perpetuate the contact hour lie, unfair labor practices, and sweeping attacks on any and all adjuncts who dared to challenge their plantation management. Wanted to add this note just in case anyone doubted my commitment to the idea that unpaid labor is indentured thinking and that creating the power struggles between field workers (adjuncts) and house workers (full-timers) is deplorable. In today’s mediated world, I needed to deploy very Socratic tactics here. I regret nothing.


The time is now; the struggle continues. (August Wilson)

I remain,

Migrant Intellectual


The M.I. wordpress site will become a hive as soon as I can find the time to open it up. Maybe M.I. can also have a google presence where people can openly and freely exchange their concerns, insights, victories, reflections, anger, hope, and, of course, great humor in the face of all of this absurdity — the kind of Kafka-like absurdity we deal with every day as migrant intellectuals but also the absurdity of FoxNews scooping all the other major networks.


Dr. Robert Craig Baum


About Dean RCB

Dean of Academics Lebanon College Philosophy and Integrated Liberal Arts Writer & Producer (theatre, television, film) Composer & Producer RCB lives in the Upper Valley with his wife and four boys.

2 responses to “Response to Alex Kudera on FoxNews Doubts

  1. F g ⋅

    Fight for your long day is a very interesting. I was an adjunct for 8 years and relate to many of the book’s claims. I taught onvaverage 8 classes a semester and still published a book. Sadly I accepted a tenure
    I worked as an adjunct for 8 years. I taught 8 classes a smester. Sadly, I acepted a tenure track job. You really have to hide your research and there is also jealousy if there is a teacher whom the students like. As a tenure track faculty I have been assigned to teach mostly Saturday and online classes even with great Teacher evals.

  2. What about a Google+ community?

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