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Some Other Way (series): MOOCs

I will repost in the “Some Other Way” the innovative and creative challenges to the mid-to-late 19th century education models that rely on “contact hours” (e.g., the real learning only happens in the three hours professors meet with students) and overbearing, expensive, inefficient, and deeply moronic upper administrators and their Board of Trustee enablers. Should I miss a comment or post, please feel free to re-post a few times so I can receive alerts in my email box.

from Greg Eddy:

MOOCs (currently) are 21st century “one-room asynchronous schoolhouses,” with all the good and bad ramifications of that. A guild of MOOCies, like a university operating on graduate teaching assistants, could somewhat (albeit temporarily, say for 1/2 a generation) “rule the world of higher ed.” Think about it. Instead of classmates grading your work in a course of thousands, you had dozens of MOOCie-profs from which to choose. And, you wouldn’t receive your grade until you’d paid your MOOCie-prof for his/her labor, according to the guild rates. This would circumvent middle-management masquerading as “market forces.”

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2 responses to “Some Other Way (series): MOOCs

  1. UK goes all x-mooc, at George Siemen’s (big daddy of Canadian connectivist moocs) elearn space

  2. I have whole mooc folders in my feeder reader ~ cmooc, xmooc, change mooc, venture labs, coursera, blogs, alerts…

    “Let’s MOOC the midnight bell” (overview post)

    The End of the University as We Know It by Nathan Harden,

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