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Michigan Study = Major Advance for Adjunct Equity


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Dean of Academics Lebanon College Philosophy and Integrated Liberal Arts Writer & Producer (theatre, television, film) Composer & Producer RCB lives in the Upper Valley with his wife and four boys.

2 responses to “Michigan Study = Major Advance for Adjunct Equity

  1. p. 17

    Here’s my take — focus on teaching, grow successful courses, focus in on student-centered tactics, and support assessment-driven curricula, and you will see an end to the austerity argument:

    “Either way we count it, undergraduate teaching generates more revenues than research grants.
    Given this reality, one might expect the university to value highly those who raise this essential money
    through their teaching: without their work, the university’s research mission could not be realized on
    anything like its current scale. As one of our colleagues put it, “If we were a business, the
    undergraduate program would be generating the revenue while the grad program [and quite a lot of
    faculty research] would be a cost center. The rainmakers are treated better in most other businesses.”

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