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Pay Your Adjuncts

Really want to talk about this post this week.
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Migrant Intellectual

light bulb idea

It’s simple.
Pay your workers.

They work nine hours, they get paid nine hours.

They work twelve hours, they get paid twelve hours.

No one has ever worked three hours in a three credit course.


Remember . . .

Contractual obligations create transparency.

Transparency prevents distrust.

Distrust provokes suffering and miscommunication.

Suffering and miscommunication result in more brokenness.

We can only heal when our mission is fulfilled — the students need us, we need us, this is an important moment for the country.

We have the solution to the economic crisis; River Valley Community College was the test site of an amazing collaboration between industry and education:

Once we heal, we can create the conditions for abundance not austerity.

Once we listen to each other, we can think like educators, not legislators.

From abundance, we will meet our student-centered missions.
From community, we will grow as life-learners.

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