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Continuing the MOOG and “Scale Free” Conversation

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Dean of Academics Lebanon College Philosophy and Integrated Liberal Arts Writer & Producer (theatre, television, film) Composer & Producer RCB lives in the Upper Valley with his wife and four boys.

4 responses to “Continuing the MOOG and “Scale Free” Conversation

  1. Greg, please broaden your horizons and credibility by looking at the original connectivist model, to which none of your observations apply? Not all “closest to MOOCs” are as culturally as you suggest. Dave Cormier, for example, is as much a student of Deleuze as Rob ~ rhizomatic learning the basis of his approach. Then take (complete or just follow) at least of more than one variety to have first hand experience to draw on. Don’t depend on higher ed media to tell you what to think. (PS for a real frisson, Stanford’s Venture Lab moocs are especially creepy)

    • Vanessa — point of clarification.
      Could you go through your last post and define (in your own words, of course) “connectivist” and “rhizomatic learning” and perhaps even the Stanford Venture Lab mooc project? This will help me better follow you as well as bring in more people to this conversation, including Greg. Thanks! 🙂

      • Greg ⋅

        I know “who Deleuze is” (I think); maybe Vanessa picked-up-on my Erewhon reference….
        I’m familiar with connectivist models; I try to incorporate some into my teaching, when helpful.
        I know what a rhizome is, but not “rhizomatic teaching” (sounds like a metaphor, rather than an anthropocentric reification of some kind).
        I like “creepy” things (usually), so, yes, I’m at least curious about the “Stanford Venture Lab mooc project.” 🙂

  2. Greg ⋅

    “Why, after all, would someone pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend Nowhere State University when he or she can attend an online version of MIT or Harvard practically for free?” (Quoted from the first link listed here; I stopped reading after getting to this, so maybe it was a rhetorical question, I don’t know….)

    That’s kinda funny, “Nowhere State University.” I might have written “Erewhon State University.” 🙂

    …to meet people during program internships that will be future employers and colleagues, the people who could hire you and help you earn back your tuition tenfold.

    …to meet future spouses and life-long close friends.

    …to “sow wild oats” during freshman year (especially).

    …to attend the football and basketball games (especially).

    …etc., etc., etc.

    Have you noticed how people the closest to MOOCs and other versions of “online education” seem so culturally ignorant? Have you noticed that administrators at the biggest, most successful (in all ways) schools actually already have this in mind when they make their decisions? It is driven by money. Money still functions on trust. Trust is fundamentally human.

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