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#MLA13 Migrant, Hooligan, Maurie, Oh Myyyyyyyy

Photo on 1-4-13 at 7.16 AM #3

M.I. outside Crossroads Cafe in White River Junction, VT

Photo on 1-4-13 at 8.12 AM

Robert Migrant Intellectual Baum (lft) at the Crossroads Cafe with Margaret Hooligan Hanzimanolis (rt) and Maurie Right Hand Pleaslee (c) — The Hooligan and her Right Hand Man are on their way to MLA to support the following resolution:

MOTION to ADDRESS the de-professionalization of U.S. higher education.
1. Whereas a significant expression of the de-professionalization of US higher education is the
growing reliance on part-time (50.7%) and contingent (75.5%) faculty members;
2. Whereas no data on part-time faculty pay and working conditions is required of institutions,
as part of the mandated federal data collection system, which makes historical and institutional
comparisons of part-time faculty pay and benefits difficult;
3. Whereas the MLA has been an important contributor to the 2012 Coalition on the Academic
Workforce (CAW) survey, and has undertaken other internal efforts, which together have
begun long overdue data collection and the formulation of guidelines on contingent and
part-time faculty working conditions and pay;
4. Whereas the 2012 Coalition on the Academic Workforce (CAW) reports that the average
pay for part-time faculty is less than $3000/course, or $24,000 for an average full-time
equivalent (FTE) workload;
5. Whereas The Adjunct Project has assembled data from part-time faculty at over 2200
institutions that indicate a significant number of institutions in the United States pay less than
$2000 per course, or $16,000 per year for an average FTE workload;
6. Whereas students, parents, high school guidance counselors, and even trustees in some
districts are largely unaware of the pay and working conditions of part-time and contingent
7. Whereas many faculty members hired by the course are denied unemployment compensation
between terms despite not having reasonable assurance of further employment;
BE IT MOVED that the MLA
ACTIVELY PROMOTE the establishment of more comprehensive, mandated, national
part-time faculty and contingent working condition and pay data;
ENCOURAGE members’ institutions to collect and publicize more data about
part-time/full-time faculty ratios, as well as part-time faculty pay, and working conditions, to
trustees, parents, students, and high school guidance counselors;
CREATE and PUBLICIZE a database of institutions whose part-time faculty pay and working
conditions reach the MLA Recommendation on Minimum Per-Course Compensation for
Part-Time Faculty Members;
ACTIVELY SUPPORT the NEA/New Faculty Majority request that the Department of Labor
clarify that part-time faculty do not have a reasonable assurance of continued employment and
thus are eligible for unemployment benefits between terms; and
SUPPORT part-time, contingent probationary non-tenured and allied tenured faculty in their
efforts to improve the professional conditions of labor in higher education.
Submitted by
Margaret Hanzimanolis
De Anza College (Cupertino, CA), Cañada College (Redwood City, CA), City College of San
Francisco (San Francisco, California) (
on behalf of the Radical Caucus of the MLA
Maria Maisto
New Faculty Majority & New Faculty Majority Foundation (Akron, OH)
Cuyahoga Community College (Cleveland, Ohio) (
Karen Lentz Madison
University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, Arkansas) (

This revolution WILL be tweeted.

This revolution WILL be tweeted.

This revolution WILL be tweeted.

This revolution WILL be tweeted.

This revolution WILL be tweeted.


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