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We’re Desperate (Adjunct Verses)

We’re Desperate (Adjunct Verses)

Here Brianne Bolin discusses her reaction to the death of Duquesne University adjunct Margaret Mary Vojtko

Click here Gregory Eddy.
The other link is not broken.

14 responses to “We’re Desperate (Adjunct Verses)

  1. Where there’s a will, there will be a funeral. It’s nice not to forget (or be forgotten), some times. 🙂

  2. B. Bolin

    All contextual clues indicate out and proud adjuncts who are sick of the system.

    • Greg is probably saying “Hey, don’t include me. I’m not desperate.”
      The answer seems obvious to anyone whose followed Margaret Mary’s story or read this blog or countless other media covering the adjunct crisis.
      I’m guessing Greg is playing troll again.
      Which is unfortunate.
      but, I’m willing to be wrong.

      • Did you mean “who’s?” (Although I like “whose” contextually.)
        Im (sic) not “desperate,” although maybe (sic) a desperado (or a “troll” in a Wagnerian sense, as you will, being the romantic you are).

  3. tuchnjdsumhic ⋅

    Who “were desperate?” What’s your noun referent for the (presumed) pronoun?

    • I’m sure Brianne would be more than happy to respond.
      I’ll forward your message now.

    • It’s a punk move, citing a punk song. “We’re” is an imagined community, one which you consider beneath your estemed rank as everyone’s favorite Upper Valley adjunct.

      How’s that three course cap in Leb working for ya? Glory be! Your new president must have a high opinion of his faculty to help you out like that.

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