We Are at War

We are now at war, Higher Education.
I guess we’ve always been at war.
But, now I’m sure of it.


from the Comments section; something I wrote to give a glimpse into how years of abuse can oftentimes suddenly result in clarity and action beyond blogging:

//The supposed leaders cited in the story act as though they, the Provosts, have no say in this matter. Once again, executive teams create the trend, lament the trend, and then pretend the trend is a preternatural force which cannot be stopped. This article offers a perfect description of the soul-less, spine-less, and unethical mental state of the higher education zeitgeitst — a haunting of every college and university campus in the United States.

Before this ghost started to attack the living, s/he was humiliated and murdered by the system that claimed to “value” and “celebrate” her work; before the spectre grew teeth, s/he believed his colleagues would side with reason, evidence, and resolve to help students become the best version of themselves. Before Provosts and Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and Chancellors and Presidents and Chairs and other collaborators decided to play games with her career, her life, her family, her health, her years of research; before Full Time faculty turned a blind eye to the hell others endured so they live in a state of professional and economic security.

Before all this, the ghost had a name; the spectre had a face; the broken soul spoken loud and proud even though now all that’s heard are the whispers and echoes of a past life, a terrible life called Adjunct.

Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/survey/skepticism-about-tenure-moocs-and-presidency-survey-provosts#ixzz2Io14M7tD